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Ecommerce Websites in Singapore: How to Send the Products to Your Customers

Running ecommerce websites in Singapore is easy as long as you know the best places to sell, how to accept payments, and how to send the products to your customers! Read more!


When selling online in Singapore, you should familiarize yourself with the shipping and delivery methods. We assume that you know how to send mail via the post office, however, sending products in Singapore is slightly different.

Depending on what kind of products you are sending, you may need protection for the items. The delivery charges can be expensive, especially if you are sending heavy or bulky items. If you want to run successful ecommerce websites in Singapore, considering these costs before launching your store is very important.

Here we present to you the best ways to use to send your products to the customers:

  • Send Products by SingPost: SingPost has postboxes and branches everywhere in Singapore and most online stores start out sending their products using their professional services. If you are selling books or clothes, SingPost is probably the best option to send your items. There is no need to visit a post office, all you need to do is get stamps from the SAM machine and put the package in the postbox. When sending the package, the address of the end buyer should be written clearly in the middle of the package, you should always write a return address in case the package can’t be delivered, use registered mail for expensive or high-value items, and don’t forget to weight the package. The maximum package weight is 2kg.
  • Send Products by TA-Q-BIN: This is one of the best same-day or next-day delivery services. This shipping service provider charges by volume instead of weight and the prices start from $6 for a 60cm package and go up to $25 for $160cm package. Before sending the package, get the pink form or ask TA-Q-BIN to bring you one when they show up for picking the package, fill up the form and enter all information required, fill in the date you would prefer the package to be delivered, and write a short description of what it is the package. Bring your package to 7-Eleven or if you prefer TA-Q-BIN to collect your package from home, call them.

Consider these two solutions when selling online in Singapore and make sure your items are delivered on time!

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